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I Go to the Ocean and Talk to Myself Hardcover Edition Now Available!

A simple, empowering book for youths that is sure to spark joy for readers of all ages! A simple, empowering book for youths that is sure to spark joy for readers of all ages! This gently rhyming story in verse is a colorful portrayal of the powerful messages heard while spending time in nature. We talk to ourselves all of the time, usually without realizing it, and much of what we tell ourselves is negative and limiting. We can learn new ways to talk to our self. Becoming quiet in natural environments can help. “I Go to the Ocean...

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New Full Color e-Book Available Now!

Share it with someone you love! A joyful, empowering book for youths! This simple, gently rhyming story is about self-talk and the messages to be heard while spending time in nature. I Go to the Ocean and Talk to Myself is now available for Kindle on Open the “Look Inside” feature for a sneak peek at the fun inside. CLICK HERE TO GO AND SEE! Also, look for the Kindle MatchBook icon on print and Kindle book detail pages and get the eBook for just 99cents when you purchase the print version new from Amazon. #positive self-help #nature essays...

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Wounded Birds – a novella

Wounded Birds by Lynn Alison Trombetta An Amazon reader review of my light-hearted somewhat “cozy” novella: “Lynn Trombetta has outdone herself again exhibiting another of her creative artistic and wonderful talents. I feel lucky to experience in one of my favorite realms the leisure reading of Lynn’s “Wounded Birds” that was both a relaxing and a telling read about women. What I liked most was the element of surprise that she brought to each character and how through the communal relationship of these women, though each so very different, forced self-discovery of their own uniqueness. Though I don’t like...

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Chapter One from Choosing Greatness: The River

An Excerpt from "Choosing Greatness To Change Your Life" Living on the banks of Oak Creek in Sedona, Arizona changed me in unanticipated ways. As wildlife increasingly encroached upon the cabin where we dwelled, I began to see how my own energy had changed. I recognized that, like the deer, the bobcat, the hawk and the eagle, I am simply a part of all that “is” and I became fully connected to the life and the land. Close your eyes for a moment and ask yourself, “Who am I?” There is no wrong answer to this timeless question. You...

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