An Excerpt from "Choosing Greatness To Change Your Life"

Living on the banks of Oak Creek in Sedona, Arizona changed me in unanticipated ways. As wildlife increasingly encroached upon the cabin where we dwelled, I began to see how my own energy had changed. I recognized that, like the deer, the bobcat, the hawk and the eagle, I am simply a part of all that “is” and I became fully connected to the life and the land.

Close your eyes for a moment and ask yourself, “Who am I?” There is no wrong answer to this timeless question. You may have asked it many times before. As you listen quietly for your response, you will begin to understand the whisperings from your soul. Although your answer may have varied through your lifetime, you will discover that there is something that has remained constant, like a river within, no matter what your circumstances or desires. This is because your mind is not who you are…a river runs through it and connects you energetically to all that is. This river, like every other river and the creek outside my door, has times of calm, and times of rushing waters.

Being near the water’s edge, I often pondered similarities between the flow of the creek and that of my own eternal river. I began to observe my energy, both in body and mind, while the seasons turned round. As I deepened my lifelong feelings of kinship with Nature and observed life flourish along the banks of the creek, I marveled at the advantage our thinking human brain offers: We can choose so much of what fills our lives. In fact, we even have choice over what and how we think! Your brain is a tremendous resource, and is a tool for changing your life for the better at any moment. This is what this book is about: Choosing Greatness in your moments on this planet. Connecting with the Greatness that is your “true self” and discovering the power to change your thinking, your life, and the lives of everyone you connect to: a quality of Greatness strong enough to benefit the entire world! Are you ready to discover these brilliant moments of choosing Greatness for yourself?

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