Month: March 2018

Why I Wrote “Choosing Greatness to Change Your Life”

I am often asked what led to the writing of Choosing Greatness to Change Your Life. I am pleased to share my core value thoughts on this here: Above all, I’d like to inspire others to choose greatness. I’d like to plant that seed in children early so that it becomes a core value as well as a personality trait. I would like to see so many choosing greatness that it alters the effects of humans on our planet’s climate, alters the threats of violence and war globally and raises the consciousness of humans for the better. Something’s got...

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The Guardian’s Creed

The Guardian’s Creed From the book, Choosing Greatness to Change Your Life by Lynn Alison Trombetta ©2017 I vow to stay awake and in the moment. I promise to look through new eyes each day and to transcend what society and even my parents have taught me about the way the world works and discover anew for myself. After all, these are changing times. I promise to tend the garden of the world’s children, nurturing, protecting and guiding. I choose Greatness in all things for them. I choose never to put a toy gun into a tiny hand or...

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