Month: December 2017

The Creekside Home that Inspired the Book

We later referred to it as, “The little cottage on steroids,” but the house wasn’t what drew us in (unless you count the little blue wooden birdhouse). The birdhouse was actually the first thing we saw. Then…we noticed the creek. We were in a state of disbelief long before stepping inside the cottage, and we knew we belonged there. Now that it has become a ‘not so distant’ memory, we keep its extreme, natural vibration active in our current Sedona home by way of a device that randomly displays a slideshow of the uncountable numbers of images we took...

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Lynn’s Thoughts On Her Fiction Books

It was after I finished my self-help book, Choosing Greatness to Change Your Life, that I fully understood the thoughts that had motivated me to write my previous fiction books, Pie in the Skye and Wounded Birds. In fact, I realized a theme so strong that runs through the books, and is even present in the youth book that is soon to be published, that it surprised even me. That thread, that “river” of thought and energy flowed to the same place in each of the books: We are all connected, and our consciously chosen actions and responses to...

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New Book for Youths: “I Go To The Ocean and Talk To Myself”

A young woman explores the natural world that surrounds her and discovers herself in this charming picture book that shares how self-talk can help us boost our self-confidence, recognize our own greatness and believe we can achieve our dreams. This colorful portrayal of the powerful messages heard while spending time in nature is sure to spark joy in readers of all ages! Order...

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New Self-Help Book: “Choosing Greatness to Change Your Life” Now Available!

DISCOVER YOUR GREATNESS! In a work beautifully inspired by the subtle lessons found while observing nature, Lynn Alison Trombetta shares her thoughts on our power to change our daily reality through conscious choice. “Surrounded by the nearly unimaginable natural beauty of Oak Creek in Sedona, Arizona, I could clearly see the place where our “Oneness” dwells. I learned that within the connection we share lies the power to experience the very best in thoughts, words and actions that potentially affect other lives, our planet, and ourselves. Choosing Greatness to Change Your Life is an exploration of recognizing each pivotal...

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